I’ve had a lot of appointments lately- or rather still.

I saw my rheumatologist this week to see if he could help with my knees. He drained the worst one and put steroids in both of them. They meds are supposed to stay local to my knees, but I think they went systemic because I’ve been weepy and depressed ever since.

I am going to physical therapy twice a week which is killing me. I suck at going to appointments that often on a regular basis. It’s so hard for me to be that consistent. I think it’s helping, though.

I am also seeing my primary care this week to talk to him about finding a nutritionist etc to help me lose weight in a safe way.

It’s just been a lot of stuff happening this week.


Image from Pexels.

4 thoughts on “Doctors!

  1. Pray you feel better and get some answers with nutritionist. I have one and she is wonderful, especially since I have pcos it was difficult to begin losing weight but she has helped

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    1. Glad it has helped. I hope it helps me do it the right way. I starved myself last year and lost 100lbs, but I gained nearly 75 of it back.


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