I cancelled physical therapy for my shoulder both times this week. I had other appointments that were more important and I was overwhelmed.

I decided I needed a mental health break.

If I’m honest, the pt isn’t really helping that much anyway.

I am trying not to be too frustrated by the pain in my shoulder and my knees, but it’s very annoying.

I can’t really walk very fast or very far. I kind of feel like I’m stuck.

I just need to drop a lot of weight as fast as I safely can do so.

I got a new Fitbit today, (thanks to my mom), so that I could try to lose weight more effectively. She has my old one and that thing helped me more than anything else last year.

Anyway, my goal for the upcoming week is to not get too overwhelmed by my week and to start making healthier choices.

We’ll see how it goes. If I need to take more mental health breaks, so be it.

Image from pexels.

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