Guess where I spent my afternoon? That’s right! In the emergency room. I don’t know about you, but I had other things I needed to be doing this afternoon, (like getting my car looked at), so it was kind of a bummer.

I did manage to get the oil changed on my car this morning, (finally), but while at the repair place I drank some orange pineapple juice that had sucralose, (brand name Splenda), in it. I am allergic to sucralose.

Should I have checked the label? Yup. Did I? Obviously not because I drank 4/5 of that 12oz bottle before I realized what was in it. Oops.

I really didn’t expect a sweetener to be in juice. Why does pineapple juice need to be sweetened for goodness sake? Really?! Or orange juice?!

And what’s wrong with sugar??

It was pretty awesome. First, my eyes did the thing where they get all itchy. Then my lips went numb and my nose got itchy and stuffy. Then my whole face turned red and I got nauseated and a little odd balanced. It was so fun.


I got a shot of steroids, (my absolute FAVORITE for mood swinginess), through my IV, and some nausea meds, and some alternative H2 blocker stuff that is usually used for acid reflux but they have to use for allergies for me since I’m also allergic to most normal antihistamines like Benadryl and Ararax (vistaril). So yeah. Good times.

I’m WIDE awake at near midnight and I’m sure it’s from the steroids. I’m a little itchy which sucks. I’m genuinely concerned about what the steroids are going to do to my mood because it’s usually messy. I think they gave me a lot of steroids…

So yeah. Fun times to be had by all. I feel a little messy already. I started crying earlier for no good reason. I’m hot and cold. I just don’t feel balanced and I was starting to do better.

I dunno.

Hopefully it doesn’t throw me off my game for long.

First image from Pexels.

Second image from Pixabay.

7 thoughts on “Really?!

    1. Thanks. Yeah, I slept like crap. Thankfully, not a lot to do today but take the car in and then veg out and wait, so it shouldn’t be too terrible. ❤️


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