This is my Mom’s Dad, (my grandfather), whom I never had the pleasure of meeting. He passed from cancer when my Mom was still pretty young. He fought in the pacific in World War II, although we don’t know all of the places he was. One of the pictures he sent home was from Okinawa, so I know he was in Japan at one point, but I don’t know where else he was stationed….

Honestly, some quick historical research tells me he operated automated anti aircraft equipment in Okinawa and the vicinity during the last half of the war.

Anyway, he was a soldier and today is Memorial Day…

This man is my Dad’s grandfather, making him my great-grandfather. He was in Russia near the end of World War I, near the Arctic Circle. He was part of an engineering division and he was part of a group known as the “Polar Bears.”

He was also a soldier.

I don’t have a readily available picture of my Dad’s father who also was in WWII, and I’ve talked about my step-grandfather and his involvement in WWII as welL

My closest uncle was in South Korea at the end of the war in Vietnam, and while he’d probably dispute it if he were still around, he’s my hero too.

Memorial Day is an important day to remember those men and women who have fought for our country and are no longer with us. I mourn knowing the ones I’ve never met, and the ones my heart aches for now.

I hope you all had a wonderful day no matter where you are in the world. I know this is an American day, but I know most countries have their versions of it.

Family photos.

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