Actual image of me trying to take a nap.


It’s ridiculous.

I’m so tired and in so much pain you’d think my body would just shut down.


It’s apparently time to party. I’m so pissed.


I just want to curl up into a little ball and sleep all day. I need to go to the pharmacy and maybe a couple of other places, but really, ugh.

I am trying to keep my mood up. It’s all good. Pain just sucks.

I’m sure my pcp will refer me for physical therapy which I suck at doing, but I might be better about doing this time since it hurts so much.

I just feel over-scheduled with medical crap as it is right now trying to deal with the aftermath of this hysterectomy and I don’t really want to add any more. I mean, if it’s necessary, fine. I’m just over the drama.

I used to thrive on drama, but I really don’t anymore. I like quiet days where I can choose what I need to do and rest when I want to. I can visit friends or do some chores and then relax and take care of my mental health. Those are the best days.

Especially when I can nap.

Just saying.

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