I’m currently sitting in the Emergency Room with my Mom because she and my stepdad were in a car accident this morning.

They are doing the usual xrays and ct scans to make sure that she’s okay since she’s complaining of pain.

Hopefully, everything is alright, and we all suspect that it is, but we wanted to make sure since her side got hit the hardest.

She’s alert and talking and mostly I think she has whiplash, but that is still no fun. Scared the crap out of me when she called and said she had been in an accident, though. I figured the car would look much worse than it does, (it’s still pretty banged up), and I had all kinds of awful scenarios in my head.

Anxiety is not a friend in this kind of situation.

She appears to be doing well so now we just wait…


Image from Pexels.

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