Sitting at the doctor’s office and I had to fill out one of those depression screenings.

I’m really hoping my doctor doesn’t flip out since I was honest. He doesn’t seem like the type to.

I wrote all over it that I wasn’t suicidal, (which is essentially true), and that I see my psych on Wednesday so he knows that it isn’t his problem.

I’m just worried. I hate being “screened.” I’m sure it’s just a “cover his butt” kind of thing, but still. I mean, maybe it’s good that he does this because he probably catches some people that need intervention, I just don’t need him to intervene.

Maybe I should have lied.

I guess we’ll see…

Image from Pixabay.

4 thoughts on “Screening

      1. Yeah I have a hard time with them orally as they often can precipitate episodes, so he was nervous about injections.


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