…in Michigan. I swear. This was over the weekend.

It’s now raining buckets. It’s supposed to be dark and gloomy and raining for days.

The upshot is that it’s supposed to be a balmy 70°F this weekend, so that’s almost beach weather. I’m pretty sure the lakeshore will be a busy place actually if it really is that nice.

It’s a good day to take a nap. I got enough sleep last night I think, (for once), but I’m feeling the hibernation urge. Depression is a cruel master and I’m just not feeling very well.

Group is tonight and I really don’t want to go if I have to drive because, like I said in an earlier post today, driving because an issue when I’m really depressed and anxious. I know I should, and I probably will, I’m just really nervous about it. Especially in the rain.

I’m also just feeling “squirrelly,” meaning it’s hard for me to sit still and pay attention, so even in small group it is hard for me to focus while others are sharing. It makes me a poor group member.

I don’t know. I need it though.

I wish I could count on my mood lifting by the weekend like the weather. Then at least there would be some hope on the horizon. Right now, it doesn’t seem like there’s much at all.

Photo by me.

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