When I’m not doing well, I start to develop a fear of driving.

I have to drive to the next town over to see my rheumatologist this morning and I’m super anxious.

I even thought about canceling, but my knee has been ridiculous so I really need to go.

It just happened to work out that a friend of mine wanted to hang out today, so she’s going to ride along with me. That will help. I am just sort of freaking out about driving on the expressway at rush hour and maybe running into an accident and maybe being late or worse…

I hate it.

I don’t have the time this morning to take back roads, and it’s forever going the back way, so I kind of have to take the expressway.

I just really want to crawl out of my skin.

I’m trying to pay attention to this because it’s one of my “warning signs” on my crisis plan, (my fear of driving).

I just am not really enthused about going anywhere today.

Image from Pexels.

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