Okay. I’m a little less overwhelmed with pain medication than I was the last time I tried to explain my surgery.

I’ll kind of start at the beginning for people and then work my way to today to catch everyone up.

I have had intense and debilitating periods since they first started when I was 12. They were so bad as a teen that I missed that entire week of school every month.

We tried birth control pills for several years, and they kind of helped, but nothing really gave me quality of life during that time.

My periods were never predictable. They came whenever they wanted to, and they generally were heavy for all seven days. As I’ve gotten older, the length had begun to vary between 5 and as long as 25 days.

I’ve been anemic, (iron deficient), since I was 12. I’m also sensitive to iron and get very sick taking it, so that was a problem for me.

In an effort to stem the bleeding and try to have a better quality of life, after determining that I no longer wanted to have children, I elected to have an endometrial ablation last winter. While it did slow down some of the bleeding, it didn’t help with the unpredictability of timing, and ultimately I still had heavy bleeding for weeks at a time.

With that in mind, I spoke to my doctor and we opted to schedule a hysterectomy that would be partially assisted and laparoscopic. The goal was to take out the offending parts, but leave my ovaries, so that I didn’t enter early menopause.

I also hoped to get ketamine as part of my anesthesia regimen because it helps my mood so much and I thought it would help boost me through the recovery period.

What actually happened once my doctor began surgery is another thing. Apparently she tried to do it laparoscopically for an hour and a half before she decided she had to open me up. She said she found so much scar tissue that it looked like I had had 5 or 6 c sections in my lifetime, (I’ve never had kids), and that she suspects it’s from endometriosis. She said it was causing organs to stick together and scarring on my bladder and intestines as well as my reproductive organs. Apparently my left ovary was too damaged to save and she had to take that, but keeping my right ovary will keep me from going into menopause so it’s okay.

I’ll know more when the pathology report comes back on everything later this week or early next week if something is wrong. Otherwise, she will just talk to me about the endometriosis at my follow up appointment in a couple of weeks.

The pain definitely sucks and I’m a giant baby about it.

It’s better than it was on day one however, and it will probably be better in a couple days than it is today.

Baby steps.

Love to you all!

Image from Pixabay.

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