Well, surgery did not go exactly as planned.

Forgive me for the multiple spelling errors that we sure to follow as I am a little drugged.

Apparently, there were a bunch of complications and she ended up having to cut me open instead of doing it laparoscopically.

Just my luck.


I don’t remember talking to my doc, so I am relying on accounts from my family. They are usually pretty accurate though.

So, now we just kind of wait and see I guess for pathology reports, etc.

Fun times.

I’ll be happy when I can shift my weight without wanting to scream.

Image from Pixabay.

9 thoughts on “Results

  1. I hopped on WP today to specifically see if you posted an update. I am so sorry they had to cut you open. That means extra healing time! That means taking it easy! And I know it is going to be hard for you. I hope you find a comfortable spot. xoxo

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