As in, everything is encased in a fairly substantial layer of ice. The trees are crackling in the breeze.

I already managed to fall on my butt once this morning. My knee has a nice big lump on it- and it’s not my good one. I guess it you are going to screw one up…

My appointment this morning was canceled, but bumped to later this week. It’s okay. There’s no way I wanted either of us driving this morning. It’s a nightmare out there. Everything is closed or delayed.

There’s supposed to be a let up on the weather later this afternoon, and if my car isn’t too iced over, I might see if I can make a Walmart run. I forgot some things yesterday at the store to get ready for surgery, and I kind of want to have those settled today. We’ll see though, because I am really not okay with scraping my car for an hour to do that, nor am I okay with skating down the road.

I feel trapped again. There are worst situations, but anxiety is high. I hate being forced to be stuck in the house. It’s one thing when I choose to be a bum all day. It’s another when it’s chosen for me.

Photo by me.


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