I have so many things to do!!!!

I need to make lists of the lists I need to make.


I am drowning.

I think I really need to spend some quality time with pen and paper so I can figure out how much I actually have to do. Right now it feels like I have everything to do.

Anxiety is so freaking high right now. I have to get an EKG today as part of my labs before surgery and I bet my heart rate is not low this morning, (it usually is).

I am also freaking out about the weather coming because they are calling for 1/4 inch of ice tonight.

I HAVE STUFF TO DO TOMORROW. I don’t have time for the roads to be a skating rink and for the power to go out. That’s just bs.

Hopefully, my doctor this morning can help with some of the anxiety about my surgery and recovery. I have concerns I want to talk to her about.



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