It's so ugly here. EVERYTHING is closed. The major universities have closed because of the extreme cold we are expecting. The federal and county courts closed today because the roads were so bad. Every school has been closed so far this week and is planning on it tomorrow. Major employers have canceled shifts today and … Continue reading Bad

Funny 😁

This is literally what the radar looked like over Michigan earlier today. Since Michigan is snapped like a "mitten," this made me laugh. Stolen from Facebook.


This is a satellite image of Michigan from yesterday showing lake effect streamers coming from all of the lakes. Today we have an actual snowstorm. It only started snowing a couple of hours ago, and there are already a few inches on the ground. It's ridiculous. It's snowing more than an inch an hour right … Continue reading Buried

Jaws 🦈

Cue the scary music. It's coming... This is the weather advisory and warning map for Michigan (and surrounding areas). The pink areas are winter storm warnings, and the purple areas are advisories. My area is forecasted to get something like 7 or 8 inches of snow tonight and tomorrow. Blah. After that, they are saying … Continue reading Jaws 🦈


I slept for a while. It was manageable. I still had some bad dreams, but they didn't linger and freak me out like the ones I had last night. I fell asleep involuntarily because I was so tired. I'm hoping that my evening meds kick in and help me sleep tonight without a lot of … Continue reading Sufferable