I feel so blank lately. I’m unable to create. I just can’t produce art or write a poem or really do anything creative. It’s so frustrating.

I know it’s because I’ve been in a depressive slump. It’s pretty easy to understand why I guess. Usually though, even when I’m depressed, I can create something. I at least get ideas even if I don’t have the motivation.

It’s be just been completely void.

This is just me whining. I realize that. I am just frustrated. I’m not having the best day. I am near tears and trying to hold them in because it feels like all I do is cry.

I’ve had a migraine on and off for several days because of this weather. It hurts and I kind of feel like I might puke.

I am SO freaking tired of this. I am frustrated and angry and tired.

3 thoughts on “Uninspired…

  1. It’s totally understandable. I’ve been having more of those kind of days lately and the worst thing to do is to force out something when you aren’t feeling it. When I don’t feel creative, I try to indulge in things like music, books, poems which I like. For me it’s usually Ghibli films. About the depression, if you feel like you can talk to me about it. I’m always happy to listen. anneidakwo@gmail.com this is my email. I’m not enforcing it though, just if you feel like it.

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