I am trying. I’m trying to find things to do. I’m trying to stay busy or nap or watch Netflix. I am.

The thing is, my mood is kind of affected by this weather. How could it not be?

Last night we got an emergency alert to our phones from the energy company via the government alert system stating that we all needed to turn our heat down because there could be a natural gas shortage due to a massive fire at a compression plant in the state.

Between that and even grocery stores closing due to the weather, it’s hard not to feel anxious.

The weather has also been triggering wicked headaches that come and go. I’ve been dealing with them with meds and just trying to rest, but they are annoying and getting progressively worse. I don’t really want to say a lot about them, but they are bad.

Thankfully, a friend came a shoveled the end of the driveway yesterday so we can get out if there’s an emergency. I kind of hope the cars will start in this cold. I have no idea. I’m worried about my battery really. I think it’s probably trash at this point.

The current temperature where I am is -17°F (-27°C). The windchills are in the -30F+ range. It’s kind of incredible.

Despite this, I have to say depression has stayed relatively at bay. I’ve had my moments, but I’m holding my own. Really, it’s just wall-climbing anxiety. I really can’t deal with myself.

It’s supposed to let up some tomorrow, so there’s hope. Just one more day.

Image from my county road commission.

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