It’s official. I have cabin fever. I haven’t been further than six blocks since Saturday.

Literally EVERYTHING is closed.

Things are already closing for tomorrow.

I had to cancel my therapy appointment because I am pretty sure my car isn’t going to start. I’m going to guess that the battery is dead from the cold.

The expressways keep getting shut down due to accidents and the back roads look like this immediately after the plow trucks go through:

I know this because the county road commission posted that picture to their Facebook with warnings about how they were having trouble keeping roads clear due to drifting.

I am just sort of OVER IT.

I’ve shoveled out the intake for the furnace like twice. I’ve had to clear snow away from the doors so we could get out in case of an emergency more times than I can count.

I am so anxious.

I want to cry, but the tears would stick to my face.

I hate this.

The BEST part about this is that after it’s done snowing and being record setting cold, it’s supposed to warm up and rain this weekend so we will have flooding everywhere in the city.

So many people will be affected.


First image from Pexels.

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