Breakfast 🍳

I’m going out with my Mom and Stepdad for breakfast this morning. It’s just a nice change from the ordinary.

Mom has been sick with the flu or some kind of bug, so I haven’t wanted to get too close to her to be honest. Breakfast out seemed safe since she is feeling better.

It’s nice to break up the day with things like this.

I had a good appointment with my therapist as well. We talked about friends that I can talk to about things going on in my life and how I have been feeling. We also tentatively planned on meeting on Monday, which makes me feel a lot safer, given that I’m a little worried about what comes after going on vacay.

I am going to try to get a hold of at least one of my friends today. I know they each have their own lives, but I’m hoping to not be too much of an imposition with my drama.

We’ll see.

Now just for the ‘rents to show up for breakfast…

Photo by me.


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