Changing Goals

When cancer invaded my inner circle, my goals started to change a little. Things got put on hold for a while.

That’s okay.

Every day now I kind of have a plan the night before of things that I might do the next day, but I know that those things might change. It just depends.

I thought that this might be something that I wouldn’t be able to handle given the mood disorder, but it turns out that cancer sucks no matter who you are and taking care of someone with it is hard no matter what. Bipolar Disorder doesn’t really change that.

I’m grateful for my Mom who has been awesome at helping me navigate this and who has taught me a lot about medical stuff throughout the years. Some through osmosis and some on purpose through her profession of pharmacy. I have learned how to keep track of important things and to help my friend get the care needed.

I know this isn’t my typical “goals” post, but today is one of those days where my goals have changed. Not sure where the day will take me, but that’s okay. Flexibility is important. It will all take care of itself in the end.

Have a good one!!!!!!

Image from Pexels.

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