When things are hard…

It still feels like I'm Humpty Dumpty where I'm not sure how all of the pieces are going to be put back together again, but I'm starting to get a little distance from last week and gain some perspective. I do feel shattered, but I know and trust that I have providers that will help … Continue reading When things are hard…


I'm trying to "settle in" with the stuff that's going on in my life. It's that acceptance thing. It's not like I have another choice. I am just really uncomfortable. If I can accept where I am and just live with it, I will not be so miserable. That's how this works. I just don't … Continue reading Settling


I've been processing a lot of things for the past few days. To be honest, I feel like a total failure. I can't seem to find my feet and I am completely overwhelmed by all that is happening around me. I don't think I'm ready to go back to school full time. I don't even … Continue reading Returning?


Well, I couldn't make the apple cake, but there was enough sugar to make chocolate chip cookies. Honestly, they are less stressful anyway, and I can snack on the batter, (with my luck I'll get salmonella, but that's not the point). I needed an activity and this will keep me occupied for the next hour … Continue reading Baking!!


Here I am circa somewhere around 1983. It was before life got really complicated. I don't remember a lot of my parents' fights from back then, and we went on a lot of cool vacations. Things sort of went downhill from here. I idealize my childhood when my parents were still together, but the reality … Continue reading Traumas


Well, I managed to actually shower tonight. I have been really struggling to do that lately. My case manager says that she noticed that I have a harder time doing that in the fall/winter months, but I also think it's related to the depression stuff that I've been experiencing. I just think it's a combination. … Continue reading Shower!