Halloween 🎃

I’m so excited. I used to love Halloween as a kid because of the free candy, (what kid doesn’t?). Now I love seeing the kids in their costumes. It’s fun to pass out goodies and see the kiddos. They are cute.

We usually have 30-45 or so, and I know that isn’t a ton compared to people that get hundreds, but it’s enough for me.

I like to see what’s “cool” this year based on the kids’ costumes, and it’s always fun when I see throwback ones like Darth Vader etc.

I am still not in the best place emotionally, but I’m trying to see joy in the places where I can find it. It’s the best I can do right now.

Wishing you all a very sPoOkY and Happy Halloween wherever you may be! 🎃

Photo by me.

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