I went to the Alice Cooper concert last night with someone I’ve known for almost twenty years. He was an old friend from college and he literally just had an extra ticket. It was really nice of him to offer it to me since we just talk on fb about politics and people we used to know. Mostly, we talk politics because that’s our mutual interest and that’s how I know him- from being politically active on campus.

It was a purely spontaneous thing because I didn’t have the money to go when he asked earlier in the day, and when he asked again 2 hours before the concert, my mom offered to give me gas money so I could go. I needed a break from all of the thoughts in my head.

Unfortunately, I am now dealing with the fallout from going because some people in my life don’t understand my decisions or my need for spontaneous fun right now. It kills me that I caused someone else to be miserable, but I really had to go. It was necessary.

I wish people could just be happy that I did something good for myself that was harmless. I guess it doesn’t work like that…

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