I have been averaging less than 5 hours of sleep a night for the last four nights. Sure, I’ve gotten 6, but I’ve also gotten less than 3. I am starting to become Slightly concerned.

I had the issue that I wrote about in this post on Thursday night that maybe should have been a warning sign that something was starting to slide off of the rails. Then I started having tons of fun with my friends and not really taking care of my sleep needs at all. In fairness, even when opportunities to sleep were available, I couldn’t.

I can tell how wiped out my body is only because of little tiny things like my eyes feeling a little crusty or a certain tightness in my head. I am otherwise awake and alert. My brain is on GO.

I can’t tell what this is. I don’t know if this is the early stages of hypomania, the early stages of a mixed episode, or just me.

I kind of feel episodic though to be honest. Some of my behaviors over the last few days may not have been perfectly in line with my standard operating procedure.

It’s hard for me because I’m constantly trying not to pathologize things. If I had to make a list though, I think this is early elevated something, but the kind that comes with some recklessness and hell-raising. Thankfully, until now with this I’ve had two wonderful friends to hang out with who are limited trouble.

Left on my own, I’m not sure what I might get into. Maybe nothing. Maybe all kinds of stuff. I want to believe I have enough skills to keep myself out of trouble, but I didn’t apply the ones I had to keep me from getting here so…


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