I was going to skip church this morning. I seriously waited until the very last minute to find clothes and get out of the door.

I’m just feeling very overwhelmed with everything I’ve been doing lately. Something needs to give.

The friend that has been moving all week, (not the one I helped yesterday), may need some some last minute support today and I really don’t know if I have it in me at all. I mean, I kind of have to. I just don’t know if I can.

My bible study friend from church reminded me that I am not honoring God or myself by burning myself out, but I feel like a crappy person if I just let my friend swing in the breeze too so I don’t know. I might just have to set a time limit on how long I’m available today.

I’m kind of exhausted to be honest, so going for a walk is probably a stupid idea, but I need the time to clear my head. I can feel the tears in the corners of my eyes and I am just so tired of crying all of the time.

I will just have to see how today shakes out. I wish I was more of a nap person because I would do that right now instead of going for a walk. I can feel myself out on the edge.

Oh well.


Image from public domain pictures.

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