I’m noticing that for the first time really in my life I’m allowing grief to come in and out like a Tide.

It’s sort of ridiculous to me when I think about it because my cousin moving is relatively minor compared to when I lost David, or when my Grandmothers both passed within 4 months of one another. I didn’t really grieve those things though. I just sort of soldiered on and the grief ate me in other ways.

I guess I had to figure out this process at some point in my life, and it’s better if it is with something like this than with something that I flat out couldn’t have swept under the rug.

I think that’s part of my issue now. I’m more authentic than I’ve ever really been as an adult, so it’s much harder for me to sweep things like grief aside. I think that is where my flood of tears comes from too. Perhaps as I get adjusted to the “new and improved” version of myself, I will be able to manage those tears better and sort out some of the outward displays of my sadness/fears/anxieties.

All inspired by the Daily Prompt: Tide.

Photo by me.

9 thoughts on “Noticing

  1. Oh, I don’t know what to say Kiki. To grieve can be even a good thing, but only if you let that energy out, not if you come in pain for doing so. Ugh, I have not good advice to this, because everybody prefer to grieve in their own way. No proven method of getting over it.

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