My cousin and I have been like sisters for a very long time. Her babies are like my nieces, and the oldest one, (3 and a half), I am especially close to. Hugging that little girl goodbye broke something inside of me.

I have already Elaborated on why this is so hard for me in other posts, so I won’t drone on here, but suffice to say I’m not handling it well.

I called my friend who gets out of work in a couple of hours to drive me to the bar. It’s not the best choice, or the best use of skills, but I’ve sort of had it to be completely honest.

I’m fried.

I just want to go out and relax and raise a little hell.

Just a little.

Clearly I’m not going to drive and my tolerance is crap now compared to what it used to be so it won’t be a long night. I just…

Yeah. It is what it is.

Image cited somewhere else on my blog.


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