Goals: 4/25

My large goal is to stay “quitted” from smoking. It’s been 8 days, but I have some stressful things here and I’m worried about my ability to stay that way. I’m pretty committed to it though, and I have patches so I’m not going to give myself excuses or reasons to slip.

I meet with my dietician this morning for what promises to be an interesting meeting. I’m terrified of the scale after having been on vacation for a week. I’m also not looking forward to going over my food logs as they are kind of ridiculous to be honest. Whatever. It is what it is. I still fit in my size 16s, (my newest smallest size), so I can’t have gained that much. My scale at home shows maybe 2 pounds. I can’t remember what it said when I left.

I have bible study this morning as well. That’s always nice.

I have to go say goodbye to my cousin and her family. That is not so nice.

I have a friend in the hospital that I may go see depending on whether she is resting or not. She needs rest more than she needs me in her face. I’ll assess that later.

I have Celebrate Recovery tonight, but depending on how things go with my cousin, I’m not sure if I’ll go. I may not be able to sit through a lesson and things tonight. I just might not have it in me.

I also need to get a walk in there somewhere.

That’s my day. I hope you have a beautiful day wherever you are!


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One thought on “Goals: 4/25

  1. Hey there again! I quit smoking last year by switching to a vape. It’s a lot easier that way but if you want to be totally off nicotine then I can see why you’d just go the patches route. Anyway, quitting is so hard! Stay strong and good luck to you!

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