I swear to God if people keep asking me if I am hungry or waving food in my face, I’m going to lose my mind.

I need a rubber Mallet to pound my message through that I’m not hungry, nor do I want food waved at me every ten seconds.

It’s incredibly frustrating and it’s making me sick.

I’m going to eat the pandebono my Dad is making for breakfast this morning, but I’m not eating the eggs and whatever else is happening this morning. I’m also probably skipping lunch. Maybe I’ll feel well enough to eat a light dinner. A light one.

All of this is making me anxious and stressing me out.

In fairness, it’s mostly my stepgrandmother who is shoving food at me, and she is well-intentioned, but I’m overwhelmed. My Dad and stepmom are trying to defend me today, and that is helpful, but I don’t know how defensive they are going to be when I’m not eating later.

We’ll see.

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