5am in the Garden of Sane and Crazy

I’m not sure if any of you get this reference, but there is an amazing book, (later turned into a mediocre film directed by Clint Eastwood and filmed in Savannah), called Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil about a killing in Savannah. It’s fantastic true crime. I always had felt like I had been here years before yesterday, even though yesterday was my first time setting foot in the city.

Anyway, I forgot about why I don’t do “vacations” with my Dad & co. My stepmom can’t leave him alone and is constantly up his ass about something he is doing wrong. I wouldn’t really care because it’s his ass, but it’s just stressful to be around the constant high strung thing. She never just relaxes and has a nice time. She spends so much time worried about other people that it ruins it for those people. It’s ridiculous. My Dad, in one of his choice moments of fatherly advice, tried to explain to me that I just need to get used to “the Latin thing” (stepmom is from Colombia). Yeah, thanks.

My step-grandmother is a lovely woman, but she had a stroke 15-20 years ago and has some behavioral issues. I honestly don’t know how many of those are due to codependent behaviors occurring around her, but again, not really my battle. I can see past all of that in her case though because she’s in her mid 80’s.

It’s not like it’s all terrible. Savannah is beautiful and it’s been lovely to see my Dad and yes, even my stepmom and step-grandmother. I love them, they just send my anxiety levels through the roof.

I could be completely shooting myself in the foot here because I don’t know if my stepmom reads my blog, and I know my Dad lurks from time to time, but it’s my blog. I will write what I choose. I don’t censor for anyone. They’ve been asked not to read it.

The bonus? I’ve not felt this much like the sane one in a long time.

Photo by me.


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