Probably my favorite thing to drink in the universe is a double shot mint mocha with whole milk and that Frothy goodness on top.

Since I’ve kicked off this weight loss kick, I’ve really only indulged in that drink twice and it’s been with skim milk. It’s pretty hard to get that same froth with skim, (although the baristas at my favorite place are amazing).

I now pretty much stick with black coffee, a totally new thing for me.

Aside from the $5 price tag, I’m not sure why I’m not allowing myself to enjoy this beverage, at least with skim, a little more often. I’m sure it’s part of this larger eating issue that I find myself struggling with.

I live on essentially the same foods every day and struggle to add variety or extra things into my diet. It’s a real challenge for me.

I can’t even imagine drinking whole milk right now. Not even in my favorite coffee drink.

Somehow depriving myself of my favorite things makes me feel better in a twisted way.

I really need to sort that out.

Photo by me.


3 thoughts on “Deprivation

  1. Weight loss needn’t be about deprivation. by losing weight and watching your coffees you are gaining control and gaining the potential for a long and healthy life. I have struggled with the whole deprivation thing for many years too, it’s an endless battle. Onwards and upwards though.

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  2. And I am a firm believer of having the good stuff on occasion and savoring it! Did that just this morning, with a latte. Once a month or so, anything is fine, and I find I can appreciate it and enjoy the experience.Its the habit that’s a problem.

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