I want for my heart to feel full. I want for the black parts to go away.

I want to trust.

I want to feel like I can be truly loved by people with no strings attached.

I want to believe that I am worthy.

I want to want to live for me and not for the people who I feel responsibility towards.

I want to know that this ride around the planet means something in the end.

I want to not feel damaged.

I want to not feel Toxic to the people who come in contact with me.

I want companionship.

I want joy.

I want peace.

Older bad original art by me.

2 thoughts on “Want

  1. As is sometimes said in recovery circles–fake it til you make it. In other words, proceed as though all of the above are true, and at some point in time, it is likely to be so. Best healing wishes to you.

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