There are some environments for me that are just Toxic.

Casinos are the worst that I can think of off hand. I am not good at regulating myself in that environment, and I always end up spending much more than I intended. The dark gloominess is also bad for my mood if I spend the day in those places.

Bars are also generally bad places due to the lack of light and the easy temptation of over indulging in alcohol. Sports bars don’t generally have the same issue for me, but dark hole-in-the-wall neighborhood bars are my kryptonite.

I also don’t really do very well holed up in my bedroom for long hours at a time. That can turn toxic quickly as my mind begins to devour itself. It’s especially bad if I’m suffering a mood episode.

I generally work to avoid these situations and environments because they don’t do me any favors. I can find myself in real trouble.

The first two are very easily avoided. My bedroom is a different challenge. I often find myself struggling to drag myself out of there and into a better space.

Where are your toxic places?

Inspired by the Daily Prompt: Toxic.

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2 thoughts on “Hazards

  1. This is a little bit funny because you worked as a waitress. I would say that a crowd over 20 people becomes too much for me to handle. Sometimes I regulate myself easily and don’t care, sometimes I can’t stand 100 people talking in the same time. It is not making me have seizures, it is only repulsive to me, so I avoid being in the rooms with a lot of people.

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