Ever just have one of those days where you find yourself making that exasperated sound all of the time?

Yeah, that’s been me for a couple of weeks.

Argh I so want to be on the other side of this episode I can’t even tell you. I feel like it’s quicksand and fighting it is making me sink more.

I need to somehow figure out how to be at peace with it and then I think it will go away. I just have a sense that is the case. It’s my instinct to fight though.

I think I’m meant to sit in this and just experience the sadness. It’s not something I do with any grace at all. I just want to be in perpetual motion so I don’t have to feel anything or notice anything.

I need things to do or I will go insane(r). I just need to find the balance.


Image cited somewhere else on my blog.

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