Someday I’m going to break this trumpet back out and play it. I meant to last fall and never got around to it. Things came up, I got busy, life happened…

I want to do something creative and clearly my drawing class is not it. I would take trumpet lessons, but I think they are over $60 a month (or possibly a session) now, so that takes that out of my price range. I think if I had lessons, actually I know if I did, I would be motivated to practice and improve, vs me just doing it on my own. I’m not so good with self starting things. I may need a new mouthpiece though since mine is ridiculously deep, and I probably should also get myself fully quitted smoking so I have the air.

I used to be pretty good when I played, and I played in things like brass Quartets, (usually as part of band), and did a lot of solo work. There are concert bands around here and it would be fun to build up my chops enough to join them.


Photo by me.


4 thoughts on “Someday…

  1. …my kids both wanted to play violin, so our deal was practice five days a week for five minutes. They each had a timer. They got in the habit. Now I wish I would too….

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