For those that don’t follow these things, today is Palm Sunday, the last Sunday before Easter.

Depending on the church you go to, it can be either sort of depressing or a great message.

My church had a great message today. It’s honestly a little difficult to Swallow the message of the things the Jesus did though, when I am sitting here in the midst of this crushing depression. It kind of makes me feel ungrateful.

It was hard to keep the tears at bay. I won’t lie.

I am sure if someone saw tears, they would have mistaken them for something else, and that would have been fine. I am just tired of crying everywhere.

It was a good service though and I made plans to meet with a woman from my bible study tomorrow for coffee. I’m excited about that. She’s so nice. She wants to meet at McDonald’s though so I’m a little nervous about that. It’s not like there are a lot of healthy options at McDonald’s if she decides we should get lunch. I will be investigating the menu with a comb today.

It’s sunny today, but windy and cold again so the treadmill thing might have to happen today. I’m supposed to be meeting a friend for lunch in a little while and then maybe doing something else. Not sure.

Have a great day!


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