Bipolar Disorder is the ultimate teacher in Patience.

I am currently experiencing a depressive mood that will not seem to lift. Looking at my mood chart, it’s only been a couple of weeks, but those weeks have felt like a lifetime.

Experience tells me that if I am patient, I will experience a change in my mood eventually. It won’t stay like this forever and I won’t feel this level of terrible for very long.

It’s very hard to remember that when you are in the middle of it though.

Image cited somewhere else on my blog.

12 thoughts on “Teacher

  1. Sometimes, when I’m feeling that way, even though I know it’ll pass , it’s almost like I’m mad that I know it will pass because I have this knowledge and experience of how it goes and what I can do so it seems more frustrating . Like you said, hard to be patient.

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  2. knowing something is true and being able to trust that it will be true this time, and not fighting the process. All in the ‘easier said than done’ category of skills. And like most skills, they do improve with practice, time and experience. Cheerfulness about the whole thing is strictly optional. (as is crankiness)

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