I am not a great online shopper. The reason is, I want that instant gratification of having the item in my hands.

The same is true about my recovery process. I’m not very patient with myself. As soon as I identify that there is an area that I need to work on, I want to Grasp ahold of it and wrench at it until it is smoothed out.

Unfortunately, recovery isn’t linear and the process doesn’t work like that. Things would be so much easier if they did, if recovery was like building a tower out of blocks and I just had to know to place the next one on top of the other. I think like that tower though, if it were that simple, it would be so much easier to tear down in the end, so I’m not sure I’d rather it be that way after all.

Ultimately, part of my mental health recovery process is learning to have patience and grace with myself.

It’s not a race, it’s a journey.

Older original art by me.


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