Anxiety can make me feel like there is an overwhelming sense of doom. I feel like something bad is going to happen to a loved one and I start calling everyone to check to make sure they are okay.

Sometimes it gets so bad that I don’t want to drive for fear that something will happen during my drive like me hitting an errant pedestrian or someone smashing into me.

It can be so strong that it feels like a Premonition in that I am convinced something bad is going to happen.

Anxiety can make it tough to leave my bed, let alone my house on some days. It can be absolutely paralyzing.

I’m not quite sure everyone understands the full weight of the impact anxiety can have on my (or anyone’s) life. It definitely can be disabling.

If I tell you I’m anxious, I am not always experiencing the “overwhelming sense of doom,” but I could be.

Anxiety is not a benign mental illness. Those of us who struggle with it do so in one form or another daily. This is a more extreme version, but it definitely exists.

Remember to be kind to strangers because you don’t know what their struggles are.

Older original art by me.

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