Goals: 2/19

Its a rainy day here, but it’s supposed to be warmish. Trying to decide what to do with myself and this weather.

I do need to buy a frame for my daisy that I drew, but that is only $7. I’m not sure I should go anywhere near the store or the street of shops it’s on today though.

I also have a movie I want to see, but I have another free day tomorrow so I’m debating on whether I should wait to go see it tomorrow instead for something to do.

(This is a crap goals list, I’m aware).

I already cleaned the bathroom and picked up the bedroom.

I guess my other goals include finding something productive to do that is under $10. Either a movie, the museum, or the library again.

I also have group but I am concerned about sitting through the first hour since all I’m doing right now is pacing through my house.

Too much energy.

Maybe the treadmill will help. I really wanna blast my music while I work out though and I can’t do that while my mom is sleeping. I wanna blast music no matter what, but especially then.

Okay this post has totally run far afield from its intent.


  • Find engaging activities to keep me out of trouble
  • Take out trash
  • Treadmill
  • Go to group

Chill the heck out should also be on there because I feel speedy.

I hope you all have a great day!!!!!


Image from Pixabay

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