This blog is my refuge. I turn on some music and just write. A lot of the time I don’t even have a plan for what is going to end up in my post (apparently a big blogging no-no).

It’s a product of the mess that is the inside of my head. I don’t censor much except for things that involve other people and their personal lives.

It helps to lower my anxiety and focus when it’s very high. It helps me to regulate emotion when I can’t seem to do that any other way. It helps me to see my thought process in writing sometimes because I don’t always know what that is until I type it as weird as that sounds.

It’s helping me today because I was not exactly in the most rational headspace earlier and my anxiety is out of control. I have managed to kind of regain control of the rational part of my brain but the anxiety is still pretty bad. I’m still shaking a little.

I’m sure I can figure this out eventually. I’m just feeling a little paralyzed by the anxiety at the moment.

All I know is writing helps.

Older original art by me.


2 thoughts on “Refuge

  1. Keep writing … write it all out! I find quite often as well that when I write something it becomes real. I may or may not post what I wrote. When I read it in print it becomes therapeutic and I can fact check myself when I see it in print. Does that make sense?

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