I remember way back in elementary school, we always had to decorate a shoebox to take into school for our friends to put our valentines in.

Valentines were still cutthroat in those days. You really only gave them to your friends, so it was important to count how many valentines you received at the end of the day as a measure of social status.

It would also be Suspicious if your best friend gave one to someone else, but you didn’t receive one, or if the one your best friend gave you wasn’t the most spectacular one in your box.

Nowadays, I believe they have eliminated the competitive nature of Valentine’s Day and have kids give cards to everyone in their class. I suspect there are far fewer fights and tears at the end of the day that way.

The best valentines of course were homemade and had candy involved somehow. Everyone wanted to give the newest Star Wars ones or Barbie or whatever, but really getting the hand made ones in your box was the best. That’s when you knew someone took the time to think about you and make you something.

Looking back, I wish I would have done that more.

I’m glad to be beyond the childhood days of valentine politics. Now I can just wear red and enjoy the day.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


2 thoughts on “Shoebox

  1. That’s a nice tradition you’ve got there. We simply called those days Tuesdays. 😀 Orthodox Christians at this day celebrate Saint Trifun, who is a God of wine, so it seems the Christian world celebrates this day the same way – with a lot of wine. 😀

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