One of the things you will likely never see on my blog is a piece written by me that goes along the lines of, “top ten things you can do to help yourself,” etc. You might see a top ten list of things I have found useful, but I’d never phrase it in a way that suggested that you needed to run out and do/try those things.

The reason I don’t do that is because this isn’t a style blog and “should” is a shaming word. Those kinds of posts often feel like a Lecture to me, even when posted with the best of intentions.

There are a lot of mental health professionals who float around this community who identify themselves as such and post helpful advice. This isn’t about their posts.

Generally, I just like to keep my posts to “I” statements and my experiences because that is what I know is true. Perhaps my experience with something will reach someone else, but I certainly don’t want someone to feel bad if it doesn’t.

I know everyone has their own style, and I’m not here to knock anyone down. I just wanted to explain why you don’t see advice posts coming from me.


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10 thoughts on “Style

    1. I don’t mind the actual professionals that have something valuable to say. Many of them suffer from some kind of issue themselves. If they are willing to identify as such and share their wisdom, fine. I don’t have to take it.

      I just kind of bristle at someone like me telling someone like you how to live your life. I can tell you what has worked for me. That’s different. Like I said, there’s a difference between a style blog and a mental health blog in my opinion.

      It’s just my take. Maybe it’s not a popular one.

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      1. I had three shrinks that were amazing but the rest was a pure joke, doing more harm than good. I hate people telling me what to do in general, I have a problem with authority, the army for me was pure torture. Obviously, it is my problem to solve but sometimes I unleash hell towards them and thank God I don’t publish it. Also, I’m getting old and I’m tired of the bs and want to see results. I’m going to dedicate myself to our cause for as long as I can.

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