Who knew eating healthy was not only good for you, but also kind of delicious? It’s also led to me seeing a number on the scale this morning that I have not seen since starting psych meds a decade ago. Really. I’m still nine pounds off that beginning number, but just to be within ten pounds of it is pretty exciting.

I’ve been meeting with a dietician, (I see her again in a little bit), and she is helping me to choose healthier foods and make better meal choices. It’s made a huge difference.

I feel like once I see my doc for my post op visit and feel good about getting back on the treadmill, things will really start swinging in the right direction.

Healthy is good!


Image from Pixabay


14 thoughts on “Healthy

      1. Oh no I’ve been home for a while and I NEVER type/read and drive. EVER. That’s for parking lots or my house.

        Cruising through the newest album on iTunes, I have to say that I may have found my next music purchase. I love it!

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