Well, I can’t say I didn’t try to make the home sleep study thing work.

Holy crap. That’s a GIANT nope. It is essentially like an oxygen cannula thing that goes in your nose.

First, all I do then is breathe out of my mouth. I had flashbacks to post op from my gallbladder surgery and the nurses yelling at me to breathe through my nose constantly until they gave up.

Second, I sleep on my face which jams that hard crap right into my nose. Nope. No sleeping like that. I don’t even know how to sleep on my back. I feel exposed and creeped out. Nope.

Third, there is crap laying on my face. I tried to be zen about that for an hour. I did. I didn’t even turn the machine on, I just tried to be okay with the tubing on my face for a while. Nope.

I will die from sleep apnea happily before I lose more sleep trying to make this happen. My mental health is kind of fragile at the moment and I am not sure that losing a night’s sleep at the moment for some silly sleep study to tell me crap I already know and can’t do anything about,(because it’s not like I’m going to tolerate a CPAP machine), is worth it.

I need all of the crap sleep I’m getting. It’s already heavily interrupted by my post-op sort of complications I have going on and I don’t think risking losing an entire night of sleep to panic is at all intelligent.

Mental health wins this round.

Just nope.

Image from Pixabay


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