Group: 2/12

I sucked it up and went to group tonight. It turned out to be a really good idea. I am very glad that I made myself go.

Sometimes you can’t make any progress if you don’t push yourself a little bit I guess.

No, this doesn’t mean that I think the art class is the right way to push myself. I am kind of even firmer on that than I was. I really think I need something less close to my core to risk failing at than a creative outlet.

I do see the value in pushing myself when I am stuck and miserable, however. Group was really helpful tonight. Just getting out and dealing with people was helpful. I even had an effective dialogue with a difficult group member that made me feel like I asserted myself successfully without harming anyone and that was a good feeling.

I feel like I contributed and that I had something useful to add tonight without just taking energy from the group. That was my biggest fear.

Yay for group!

Image from the DBSA website.


2 thoughts on “Group: 2/12

  1. I think I agree with this statement. If you love to do art why use that as a measuring stick to be ok with failing. Doesn’t that make you doing art (a thing you love – a creative outlet) something that you no longer see joy in? Just a thought.

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    1. I think my therapist thinks that it’s a good opportunity for exposure. I just think it’s the wrong venue. It’s too close to the core of me. We need to find something that I don’t identify so personally with, but would still want to do well in, in order to continue this process I think.

      It’s kind of complicated to explain. I have appointments with her and other providers this week so maybe I can sort it out.


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