Anger for me is like this awkward little monster of an emotion. I don’t know exactly what to do with it.

I am so incredibly angry right now that I am still depressed. Maybe I am angry because I am depressed. Probably the latter. I don’t know.

I am just beside myself. I wish I could let this go, but I am flat out miserable.

It’s leaching into my contacts with other people, which just makes me want to isolate more.

I am hitting my wall of crap that I can handle.

I’m just trying to remind myself to breathe. Use skills. Whatever. It’s not working very well today.

It just feels like a lot of hopeless right now. I’ve been trying to fight that off daily for a while now, but I’m just really struggling with it. I feel like I am trapped in the swamp and sinking fast.

I wish group wasn’t so far from my house. I should be there tonight, but I don’t want to drive there at all. Anxiety is also a constant companion now. I have already been out across town today to pick up that stupid sleep thing. I think I’m done with today.


Images from Pixabay


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