I forgot how much fun The Price is Right is! I haven't watched television in months. Really. Not except for the morning news. I'm not sure if it's an attention deficit thing or a depression thing or just my personality, but it's just been really difficult for me to focus on tv for the last … Continue reading Price


I HATE the sound of vacuums. My stepdad is obsessed with vacuuming. You see how I might have a problem. 😂 I swear this man has some kind of vacuum out at least twice a day. I don't even know what he is cleaning. There cannot be a speck of dust left anywhere. Meanwhile my … Continue reading Vacuums!!!

Goals: 1/29

Its a Monday. Still working on the laundry thing. Holy cow. I did get the stuff I washed last night put away though so it's just the loads today to do. Return some sunglasses I bought that are cute, but I don't have the $18 for at the moment. Treadmill. Really. Gotta kind of drag … Continue reading Goals: 1/29

Heart ❤️

A girl with a heart you can't Stifle, With a love no one could rival, For every person she saw The big and the small, Her heart was nothing to trifle. Image from Pixabay


Oh my goodness! I seriously needed to catch up on my laundry. When I sorted it all out into loads, I had four giant loads not including sheets and things that needed to be washed on their own. I was a little behind. I'm just one person! Sometimes self care things like this take a … Continue reading Loads!


This was the topic today at church. The pastor talked about a lot of things and I'm not here to rehash a sermon. I will not lie and say I didn't cry through half of it though. I think what touched me the most was when he talked about how churches don't normally deal with … Continue reading Seriously


Man! Mornings suck lately. I used to be such a morning person. Waking up, my mood is a little rough. Half an hour later I've managed to regulate. Just working on those skills... Yikes! ❤️ Photo by me


I know I didn't have an Inkling a year ago where my life would be headed in the next 12 months. I'm sure we are all tired of "year in review" posts, but this January proved to be difficult and I'm feeling reflective. I was hospitalized twice because I couldn't keep it together. One was … Continue reading Thoughts

Goals: 1/28

I just have a few goals today: Go to church Get some laundry done for real. I don't even care if it's folded and put away today. One battle at a time. Hang out with the friend that I had plans with on Friday and rescheduled with. I have to take a break from the … Continue reading Goals: 1/28