I look back at my time in college (which for me was most of my 20’s), and I realize how functional and dysfunctional those years were.

I operated on a frenetic pace much of the time, largely because I spent huge swaths of that decade in some form of hypomania or mania, but I still can’t shake the feeling that there is a Cavity in my life now that isn’t being filled.

I used to have a wide circle of friends and belong to clubs and organizations. I used to sit in leadership positions within those. I used to be a social butterfly running from one event to the next. I was politically active. I was going to university. I kicked ass really.

My schedule was hectic all day long and now I struggle to find one day a week like that. Maybe. Right now I’m fairly certain I would crumble under the weight of my old schedule- I eventually did- but it sure looks appealing from where I’m sitting in hindsight.

I remind myself of all of the unhealthy behaviors I engaged in during my 20’s as well. Ways in which I chose to cope that were detrimental to my mental health and ways in which I was social that were not good for me.

I don’t want to go back to that life, I just need to rebuild this one.

Photo by me.

5 thoughts on “20’s

  1. I totally know what you mean — when I was in college and grad school, I had a ton of friends and was involved in many activities. Now, there’s no way I could handle that type of schedule. I don’t see any of my friends because of anxiety, and I’m too scared to leave my house to take some kind of class. I can relate about rebuilding the lives we’re currently living. By the way, I’m a Buckeye — hope that’s okay lol!

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  2. my 20’s were hard too. in so many ways. i was actively suicidal a lot. actively overdosing regularly. it was awful xxx

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