Usually there’s not a lot of Strategy for dealing with me and medication changes except for “don’t start a new med on Friday because you can’t get to a doctor over the weekend” and “try to stay out of the emergency room.”

Admittedly, the ER thing has happened more times than I wish to count with new medications. I don’t seem to do well with many of them, and I get extreme headaches, weird allergic reactions, and other assorted issues with regularity. Rarely I have had psychiatric reactions so severe that I have landed in a psychiatric unit.

That last one I am trying to avoid with this current new medication. To say I’m not a fan would be the understatement of the year. It’s supposed to be an ADHD medication that has a stimulating effect, but instead it has caused massive depression and exhaustion.

I’m so sensitive to meds it’s not a surprise, it’s just very discouraging. It was supposed to help with my mood some along with some other things. All it’s doing is making things worse.

New battle for tomorrow.

Photo by me.


6 thoughts on “Changes

    1. Thanks. It’s not an antidepressant, but it is a psych med. it’s not really supposed to be that bad in terms of side effects, I just am very sensitive to them. It’s just my luck I guess.


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