My uncle, for all of his faults and foibles, is an excellent craftsman. He went and studied among the Amish to learn carpentry skills later in his life, and his work is impeccable.

My grandmother had a couple large walnut trees on her property that we were all used to growing up, and that my mom and her brothers, (including this uncle), remembered as children. Us grandchildren had been passed the same secret of lining the neighborhood road with the bright green walnut fruits to get the cars to run over them so we could get at the nuts.

In any case, when those trees fell a few years back, my uncle decided to take them and mill them himself and make some things out of them.

Around the same time, my oldest cousin was building a house. He put in a Study and this uncle helped him to line it in the walnut. It was absolutely beautiful.

My cousin and his family eventually outgrew that house, but it’s a joy to know some other family is enjoying that room.

I have a specially made jewelry box made out of that wood that my seamstress grandma from the other side of my family helped line with fabric. It’s a treasure.

Good memories today from the Daily Prompt: Study

Image from Pixabay

12 thoughts on “Walnut

  1. Walnuts are expensive commodity to have in your backyard and use it as construction material. 😀 What you have there, that box, can be sold for a hefty price. Don’t lose it ot give it to anyone. 😀

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